punchdrunkstars's Journal

20 August 1985
Ravenna, Ohio, United States
Interests: (89)
a static lullaby, afi, alkaline trio, almost famous, aqua teen hungar force, australia, bayside, ben folds, ben from sugarcult, boys night out, bryan adams, bunnies, canada, care bears, cds, cell phones, christmas, chucks, civics, coffee, coheed and cambria, concerts, dashboard confessional, david., death cab for cutie, english, fight club, flip flops, flowers, friends, ghetto turtle, glitter, guitars, hanson, heaven or vegas, hoodies, hotot, jason mraz, john cusack, kent, kent state university, letters, local bands, mars volta, midtown, moo moo cow, myspace, new york, nice people, oswald, phone calls, pictures, randomness, reading, ricky paull goldin, rise against, samster, sarcasim, saves the day, say anything, scarfs, scott bailey, second chances, shows, sleeping, smiles, snarf, snow, something corporate, sparklers, stars, stupid jokes, sugarcult, super kill, taking back sunday, talking, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the darkness, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the postal service, the starting line, the used, thrice, tom petty, writing, yellowcard, zachary
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

-Dr. Seuss

I was hiding away under water

Waiting for distance and buying some time

Trying to be two hundred thousand years younger

So I could excuse myself from humankind

-Something For Kate

"The Edge, there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where is it are the ones who have gone over"
-Hunter S. Thompson

"I choose my company by the beating of their hearts not the swelling of their heads."
-Saves The Day

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
- Audrey Hepburn